"After suffering from a swollen, achy leg and varicose veins for far too long, I finally decided to see Dr. David Capallo at Coastal Vein. As soon as I walked through the front door, the environment and staff made me feel completely at ease. After a very thorough consultation, Dr. Capallo recommended laser ablation. The procedure was virtually painless, and the soft music in the background was even relaxing! Who knew that laser vein therapy could be a spa-like experience! I was back to my normal activities that very same day. The pain and swelling in my leg are gone, as is the varicose vein! Thank you, Dr. Capallo! "

Why should varicose veins and spider veins be treated

Complications from varicose veins, although rare, can include the following:

  • bleeding:  varicose veins are very thin walled and are just under the skin.  Injury to one of these veins such as scratching or bumping can cause significant bleeding.  If bleeding does occur, elevate the leg and apply direct pressure to the bleeding site.
  • phlebitis:  superficial  phlebitis is an inflammation of a vein just below the skin.  This is usually the result of a small blood clot in the vein.  Redness and swelling appear along the area of the vein.  This is not life threatening like deep venous thrombosis and is usually treated with anti-inflammatory medications.  It can however lead to a condition known as post-phlebitis syndrome.  In this condition, the skin in the affected area becomes swollen, thickened, and scaly.  It may also lead to the development of painful ulcers.
  • ulceration:  leg ulcers are one of the most serious complications of varicose veins and are very difficult to treat, often requiring weeks or months of treatment.  The risk of recurrence is also high.


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