"They made me feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed. They were very professional and friendly. After my treatment, I was shopping for shorts that very afternoon. I finally have the confidence now to wear shorts and skirts again, which I have not done in years. I LOVE IT !!"
-Rose Slusser





There is a better solution for removing unwanted hair.  In the past, remedies for unwanted hair included plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis or chemical depilatories.  Some are painful, some are messy, and all are only temporary.



The High Speed LightSheer Duet ia s laser that produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light.  The larger handpiece allows us to treat numerous hair follicles simultaneously, making the treatment much faster than traditional laser hair removal alternatives.



The high speed handpiece allows rapid and comfortable treatment.  We can now treat your legs or back in 15 to 20 minutes without the need for numbing creams.



Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments.  This is because the laser works best when hairs are in early growth stage and all of the hairs are not in this phase at the same time.